The Best Online Tarot Reading Sites

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Written by: Amber Brinnier
May 9, 2022
Best Tarot Reading Sites

You’ve learned all about what tarot reading is. You’ve learned the facts and fiction of tarot. You’ve even learned how to receive the best possible online tarot reading.

Now you’re asking: where should I go to receive the best online tarot reading? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

While all of the sites we review on include tarot readers, there are a few that stand out when you are searching for tarot readings, specifically.

Keen Psychics

Keen Tarot Reading

Keen is a popular psychic platform that really shines when it comes to tarot readings because of the diversity of their readers, and the value of readings that they give.

Top-rated tarot readers from around the world offer their services on Keen. Some of the reviews given by satisfied customers say that the readers are “honest, trustworthy, and kind”, “tunes in quickly, and has the most excellent advice”, and “said exactly what I needed to hear.”

Keen Psychics also utilizes a short and easy advisor matching quiz to help you find the right reader for you quickly, without endless scrolling (Keen has a LOT of readers!). Finding the perfect tarot reader for your question is easy on Keen.

Keen Review


Mysticsense Tarot Reading

MysticSense is a fairly new platform, but is one of our favorites when it comes to tarot readings. For those on a budget, they offer some of the most reasonable average rates of all of the psychic platforms per reading. Their highest rate is $10 a minute – compared to much higher rates seen on some other platforms out there.

MysticSense lets you customize your search for a reader to a high degree, even letting you choose the reading style: Thoughtful, Compassionate, Direct, Wise, etc. You can choose tarot readers whose specialties lie in giving readings about cheating hearts, finding new love, LGBTQ relationships, family issues, career and money, and more.

By being able to customize your search, you will be directed more easily to the tarot reader who will have all the answers that you seek, and not have to waste your valuable time searching for someone who is just right.

Besides that, all of the readers on MysticSense are vetted for their psychic abilities prior to acceptance as a reader on the site, so you can be assured that you are getting a reading from a verified, accurate source.

MysticSense Review

Psychic Source

Psychic Source - Tarot Reading

Psychic Source has been around for a very long time, and is another platform where tarot readings are a particular highlight among the many other psychic services offered.

Along with showing you top rated tarot readers, Psychic Source includes an entire tarot reading resource that goes into some depth of the history of tarot reading, meanings behind some of the more prominent cards, and even features a free tarot reading tool. Extra features are always a plus in our book.

Tarot readers on Psychic Source also receive glowing reviews for their graciousness, accuracy, empathy, and presence. Psychic Source implements a rigorous vetting process for their readers, emphasizing quality over quantity. Not every reader who applies is accepted, so you can rest assured that every single reader on the site has exhibited prowess and talent in their chosen form of reading; and of course, their tarot readers stand out here.

Like Keen, Psychic Source offers a psychic match tool so that you can find your perfect psychic match with just a few clicks. It’s important to find the right reader so that you don’t accidentally end up getting a bad reading…. something your heart – and wallet – never needs.

Psychic Source Review

We’re confident that you’ll find a great tarot reader who will speak to your needs and resonate on any of the above three sites, but in case you’re looking for even more variety, these sites also offer great tarot readings.


Kasamba Tarot Reading

Kasamba is one of the top-rated brands for psychic readings overall. Tarot reading isn’t a highlight among the other types of readings offered on the website, which is why it didn’t quite make it into our top 3. While their tarot readers might get lost among their standout fortune tellers, mediums, and psychics, they are still a legit brand giving wonderful readings.

Kasamba Review


AskNow Tarot Reading

AskNow offers tarot readings from psychics at top-rated, elite, and master levels, alongside their other psychics. While they are definitely worth trying out, they can get pricey, and without any other standout features, they don’t quite make it into our top 3 for tarot readings. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t a great brand. They have 100% satisfaction guarantee and readers handpicked by experienced advisors.

AskNow Review

Purple Garden

Purple Garden Tarot Reading

We love Purple Garden for its fun features and on-the-go mobile optimization. There are great tarot readings on Purple Garden, but because their readers are self-governed independent contractors and there is no satisfaction guarantee, there is no protection from scammers, and so they didn’t make our top 3. However, if you’re looking for a fun, low-stakes reading, on-the-go, Purple Garden is a great pick!

Purple Garden Review

In Conclusion

We want you to receive the best tarot reading possible when you decide to purchase a tarot reading online, and we believe we’ve now equipped you with every possible tool you’ll need to make it happen. Each of the sites listed here has their own unique, special qualities that make them a wonderful place to receive a tarot reading.

We hope that with our tips you will find the perfect tarot reader to build a relationship with, and find the power within yourself to bring your own wonderful, special qualities forth through the self-optimization that regular, accurate tarot readings can bring. What do the cards have in store for you?

Amber Brinnier
Amber Brinnier

A tarot reader, astrologer, and witch. She is a guest on the land of the Cowlitz and Clackamas nations, so-called Portland, OR. Amber was gifted her first tarot deck at the age of 10, and has been studying ever since. She is a graduate of the Portland School of Astrology, the only full-term astrology school in the country. When not reading tarot and astrology, she is a production assistant for an elevated wellness company. She is an indie perfume and scented candle enthusiast, and in her free time enjoys playing ukulele, waterfall hiking and creek-jumping, hanging out with her black cat, Winnie, and napping. She is currently trying to perfect the art of doing absolutely nothing.


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