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Kasamba Review 2022

3 free minutes + 70% off your first session​

Written by: Amber Brinnier | Last Updated: August 2022

Kasamba Overview is a psychic platform that’s been in business for over 20 years. They provide accurate psychic readings across a wide range of topics and psychic tools.

Tarot readers, clairvoyants, astrologers, numerologists, and more are available 24/7 to offer their spiritual advice.

Gaining perspective on events of the past, present, and future doesn’t confine you to a fixed fate, but allows you to experience life’s richness and possibility with open eyes.

Kasamba is a great website to help you take steps on this journey.

Pros & Cons

  • A wide variety of readers and types of readings
  • Useful articles covering a broad range of topics
  • Readers are available via chat, email, and phone
  • Free 3 minute chats with each new reader you try
  • Cluttered website
  • No internal reader rating system
  • Top readers aren’t always available
  • Live Video Chat is not available

Kasamba Full Pricing

Readings on Kasamba begin at .90 cents per minute, and range to $30 a minute for the most experienced and in-demand readers.

Payment Methods & Refunds

The top payment methods are by credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay.

If you are unhappy with a reading, you may submit a refund request ticket within 7 days of the reading for assessment, including the session date, advisor name, and session fee. Kasamba support will review the request and grant a full or partial refund based on their review.

Popular Types of Readings

  • Psychic Readings – Psychics with an intuitive gift will use resources they have available, such as clairvoyance or clairaudience, to find answers to your questions
  • Tarot Readings – Tarot masters will shuffle cards and interpret the results to answer questions or get a general read on the energy of a situation
  • Astrology Readings – Astrologers study your natal chart and current transits to determine themes and cycles coming up in your life
  • Dream Analysis – Dream analyzers use their knowledge of symbolism and archetypes in dreams to give you a detailed explanation of what your dreams meant
  • Career Forecasts – Psychic career advisors use a variety of methods to help you navigate your career path and manifest your dream career
  • Love & Relationship Readings – Psychics use a variety of methods to help you on your love journey, whether giving advice for current relationships or helping you to manifest your dream relationship

Tools and Features

  • Love Compatibility Wizard – See if you and the object of your affection are an astrological match with the easy-to-use love compatibility wizard!
  • Tarot Guide – A helpful block of articles, including tarot meanings and how to read cards
  • Psychic Search and Filters – You can choose readers based on price, rank, category, and length of time on the site, and whether you’d like a phone or chat reading. Also, if you know the name of the psychic you wish to speak with, you can enter their name in the Search Psychic Advisors bar
  • Helpful FAQs – Each category of psychic reading also contains frequently asked questions and their answers. If you’re confused about what type of reading you need or what to ask, these FAQs are super helpful

How to Start with Kasamba

Now you’re ready to join, but how?

Kasamba - Create an Account

  1. Click ‘Sign Up’ in the upper right corner.
  2. Enter your email, a unique password, and a screen name. This is what your psychic will see when you communicate with them.
  3. Now you can access Account Activity to fund your account using a credit card, PayPal, or Google Pay.
  4. You can also edit and add all of your account details, such as name, address, and phone number (This is optional).
  5. Once you have started receiving readings, your advisor list will also be available in your account activity.

How to Book a Reading

When you have made an account and found a psychic you’d like to try out, simply click on their profile to get started.

If they are currently online and available, you can click the Let’s Chat or Call Now button beneath their profile photo to get started.

If you’d like to book a reading for a later date, or they are unavailable, click Request A Reading to open up a form where you can ask your question and even suggest a price – but keep in mind the reader’s fees. Their fees for chat, phone, and email readings can be found underneath their profile photo as well.

How to Find a Psychic Advisor

Kasamba Find Psychics

Finding a reader is simple on Kasamba. If you know the type of reading you’d like, click on it on the top toolbar, and all of the currently available psychics will be shown. From here, you can filter based on price, ranking, and newest psychics. You can also choose to show psychics who are online but busy, or not. Use your own intuition and discernment when choosing a reader.

Get to Know the Advisors

Each reader’s profile has a self-written bio, including their background, methods, and areas of focus. Here is where you can find the most useful information to help decide which reader to connect with. Each reader’s rating and user feedback comments are located on this page as well.

Connect with an Advisor

When you’ve chosen a reader, you can choose to speak with them right away via chat or phone call, or request a reading for later. You can favorite readers so that you may find them quickly later on, or block readers who you may have already tried and didn’t vibe with. For every new reader you try, you get 3 minutes free, to see if their style works for you, so be sure to use this to your advantage when finding readers to connect with.

Leave Feedback

Feedback is one of the most useful ways to find a reader, so when you have finished your reading, make sure to always leave honest feedback. This helps other users find readers and also helps the reader improve. Simply leave the number of stars and a short message after you have received your reading. You can comment on their reading style, accuracy, and how useful you felt their reading was.

Is Kasamba A Legit Brand?

With so many psychic brands out there these days, it’s important to find ones that are legit. Kasamba is a legit brand, due to its length of time in the industry, amount of readers and high level of reviews, and their process for hiring psychics.

Psychics are asked to pay a $50 registration fee in order to be considered, along with professional psychic experience and a resume, in order to filter out only the most professional and qualified psychics. This hiring process, as well as their satisfaction guarantee, prove that they are legit.

Additionally, they are committed to helping you find the right advisor by offering free 3-minute readings for each new reader you try.

Mobile App

Kasamba App

Kasamba’s app is available for free on Apple App Store, GooglePlay, and the Android store.

Download the app and log in immediately if you already have an account. If not, you can make one on the app.

You will be able to connect to readers anywhere, as well as find daily, weekly, and monthly horoscopes. You can turn on notifications to receive horoscopes as well.

Help and Support

Support through email tickets or the online chat widget is available anytime through the Contact Us page. There is an extensive FAQ section you can browse, as well. You can also type in a keyword to get all answers regarding that keyword. At the time of reviewing, there was no phone number to call for one-on-one support.


Use this Kasamba review to get to know, a popular platform where you can find a psychic to answer just about any question regarding the past, present, or future.

Overall, this is a reliable and legit brand with experienced and highly reviewed psychics and spiritual advisors ready to help you no matter where you are, or when you need help.

With over 20 years under their belt, and thousands of positive reviews, you can count on accurate, helpful, and profound advice from readers on Kasamba.


No! On Kasamba you are able to speak with many different psychics. The website gives a free 3 minute session for each new reader you speak to, in order to get a feel for their style and see if they are a proper fit. You can choose to have a specific reader for all of your needs, such as a different reader for tarot, and fortune telling, and so on.

The psychics on Kasamba are independent contractors who set their own prices, and there are no free readings available besides the complimentary 3 minutes for each new reader. While you could theoretically speak to many advisors for only 3 minutes and never pay, it is best to pay those who are providing a service for you such as a psychic reading, for the energy they are putting forth in answering your questions. Many readers on Kasamba charge a low fee, so you can get your questions answered without breaking the bank.

Many readers on Kasamba use both the call and chat feature, while some use one or the other. Their ability to tune in to your energy is as strong no matter how you are speaking with them, so phone and chat readings have the same amount of accuracy.

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Amber Brinnier
Amber Brinnier

A tarot reader, astrologer, and witch. She is a guest on the land of the Cowlitz and Clackamas nations, so-called Portland, OR. Amber was gifted her first tarot deck at the age of 10, and has been studying ever since. She is a graduate of the Portland School of Astrology, the only full-term astrology school in the country. When not reading tarot and astrology, she is a production assistant for an elevated wellness company. She is an indie perfume and scented candle enthusiast, and in her free time enjoys playing ukulele, waterfall hiking and creek-jumping, hanging out with her black cat, Winnie, and napping. She is currently trying to perfect the art of doing absolutely nothing.


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