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AskNow Review 2022

15 minutes for $10

Written by: Sienna Vance | Last Updated: August 2022

AskNow Overview

In the wonderful world of spiritual advisors, is one of the best places to get guidance from the higher realms. With over eighty highly rated psychics to choose from, the brand offers specialized readings for a diverse clientele. Most of Asknow’s advisors promote love, career, and tarot readings, but there are also psychics who specialize in numerology or past lives as well. Ultimately, the neat and professional style of makes it easy to use for first-time clients. Here’s our full Asknow review to help you decide if you want to book a reading.

Pros & Cons

  • Free minutes come with an introductory package purchase
  • Site articles are educational and informative
  • Clients are alerted when reading time is running out
  • Psychics have years of experience
  • Customer service may not always be great
  • AskNow psychic credentials can vary
  • E-mails use exaggerated marketing tactics
  • Top rated doesn’t signify five-star reviews

AskNow Full Pricing

To use, first time customers have a choice between three introductory offers. 30 or 20 minutes packages may be chosen, where the client will be charged $1 per minute to speak to a Top-Rated advisor, or a 15 minutes option priced at just $10. It’s good to note that “Top-Rated” does not apply to the highest skilled advisors on Asknow. Clients can get to know upper tier Master and Elite psychics using their five free minutes included in their introductory offer for any package.

AskNow Pricing

Payment Methods & Refunds

You can add funds to your account through your credit or debit card. Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express are all accepted.

AskNow offers a satisfaction guarantee if you are unsatisfied with a psychic reading. In order to receive a credit for your experience, you must send an email to AskNow explaining the problem. Once AskNow receives your detailed information they will either refund your credit card up to a maximum of the cost of the first ten minutes of your call or online chat, or the site will credit your member account with up to five complimentary minutes to try another psychic.

Popular Types of Readings offers a variety of different readings to give you the guidance you need in your everyday life. Whether you want some practical advice about your love life or career, or some spiritual advice related to your natal chart or spirit guides, Asknow advisors can answer your burning questions.

If you’re unsure about what reading to book, we recommend reading the site’s articles to explore what metaphysical topics resonate with you. Here are’s most popular psychic readings:

  • Love readings – Love psychic readings can help illuminate energy between you and your romantic partners. They can help you make important choices in relationships and how you should approach love life situations in your future
  • Tarot readings – Tarot readings use tarot cards to give you clarity on love life, career, family, friendship, or spiritual situations. Tarot cards give psychic readers insight into your subconscious mind and how your thoughts and actions are shaping your future
  • Career readings – Career psychic readings can help illuminate the energy surrounding your work and money, guiding you in the best directions for your financial future. They can help you decide if you need to change jobs, pursue your true career passions, or make better choices with your money
  • Spirit guide readings – Spirit guide psychic readings help give you channeled messages from their spirit guides. Spirit guides can be everything from ancestors and angels to spirit animals and faery guides
  • Numerology readings – Numerology psychic readings use dates and times to help predict the future. These psychics can predict things you might face on your life journey based on everything from birthdays and birth times to angel numbers you might be seeing on a daily basis
  • Astrology readings – Astrology psychic readings use astrology to predict the future and illuminate positive or negative energies surrounding people’s lives. Astrologers often analyze birth charts and astrological transits to conduct their readings
  • Dream analysis readings – Dream analysis readings can help interpret symbolism in dreams and decipher messages from spirit guides who are trying to contact you. Dream analysis readings are helpful for anyone who wants to confront their own shadows and illuminate what is hidden in their subconscious mind

Tools and Features

If you’re not sure what reading type resonates with you, Asknow offers helpful resources to get you started on your psychic journey. Here are some of our favorite features:

  • Articles – These can help guide you in your psychic selection by providing helpful information about topics such as spirit guides, astrology, numerology, and tarot
  • Daily AskNow Horoscope – On, you can sign up for a free daily horoscope that is sent to your email every day. These Asknow horoscopes are based on your sun sign, which can also be viewed on the website. Overall, this feature introduces clients to astrology topics, and can help them develop questions for a psychic reading
  • FAQ Videos – These videos introduce prospective clients into what a psychic reading entails and how AskNow spiritual advisors are selected. The purpose of this feature is to help users feel comfortable using the site and contacting a psychic for guidance

How to Start with AskNow

  1. Pick a Package:
    Click on the introductory offers section of the website and select either the 20 or 30-minute package. Then, input your full name, email, a username, and password in the sign-up section.
  2. Check Out:
    Now, input your phone number and create a 4-digit PIN number to secure your account. After you put in your credit/debit card information, you can agree to AskNow’s terms and conditions, and complete your order.
  3. Call AskNow to Contact a Psychic:
    After you create an account, you can call 1-800-227-5669 to have customer service connect you to a psychic of your choice. Users must call in in order to connect with a psychic by phone or chat.

How to Book a Reading

You can book a reading by calling their number. Afterwards, a customer service representative will connect you to an available psychic based on what type of advice you need (career, love and relationships, past lives etc.). You can also specify whether you would like a chat or a phone reading.

How to Find a Psychic Advisor

AskNow - Find A psychic

Now that you’ve learned how to book a reading, it’s time to choose a reader! AskNow’s Psychic Spotlights page is one of the best places to find hot top rated, elite, and master psychics to help you discover the richness of life again. Here are some of the ways you can connect with the site’s spiritual advisors:

Get to Know the Advisors

AskNow makes it easy to connect with readers through their Psychics page. Here, prospective clients can view the psychic’s credentials, experience, rating, bio, and zodiac sign. Future clients can also get to know more about some of most popular AskNow advisors on the Psychic Spotlights page, which feature Top Rated, Elite and Master psychics.

Connect with an Advisor

When you review the psychic’s full profile, you can call to connect promptly, or click a green icon to schedule an appointment with them. The psychic’s availability for the week can be viewed on the right side of the webpage, to assist you as you decide on a time for your reading. If you would like to call the spiritual advisor immediately, you can click the green “Call” icon next to the psychic’s picture. Remember that in order to call an AskNow psychic for the first time, you must sign up for an introductory package.

Leave Feedback

Clients can rate each psychic and offer them detailed comments at the end of their reading. Leaving feedback can help psychics see what they’ve done well with you, or what they need to improve on.

Is AskNow A Legit Brand?

With an extensive FAQ, educational resources, and spiritual advisors that have been practicing their craft for decades, AskNow is one of the most legit psychic services on the internet. The brand ensures that prospective contractors are thoroughly screened and handpicked by experienced psychic managers from the One Sun Premier Psychic Network. However, it is wise to note that by submitting information to AskNow, the company has the right to use your information for legal and marketing purposes.

Mobile App

Asknow App

AskNow is available as a mobile app in the Apple Store. At the time of reviewing, it was not available on Google Play for Android.

The AskNow mobile app has many of the same features as the website so you can chat with the same psychics conveniently from your phone. You can create an account on the app, or use your web account.

The app also features daily horoscopes for each zodiac sign, along with daily and weekly lucky numbers for the sign and a weekly “lovescope”. The daily lunar phase and sign are also featured here.

Articles are available on the app as well, so you can read any of the in-depth articles from the website on the go.

Help and Support provides four main customer support options:

  1. An FAQ
  2. Introductory videos
  3. A customer support phone line
  4. A customer support email.

Through the videos, AskNow does a good job explaining how customers can get a psychic reading, and why they should feel comfortable about their decision to seek spiritual guidance. The FAQ is thorough and gives clear instructions on what a prospective client’s reading will look like. Some of the questions answered include: “What if I run out of time during a reading”, “What kinds of questions can I ask”, and “What if my psychic isn’t available”.

When we initially signed up for AskNow, we were forced to call customer support when our account access was denied. Unfortunately, we did not receive the most personable response from the representative, but we were still able to open an account at the end of the call.

Conclusion is a decent site for those who’ve never had a psychic reading before. The site’s FAQ page, metaphysical articles, and introductory videos are ultimately its best aspects. People who have never had a psychic reading should visit these pages to gain clarity about the experience.

Ultimately, Asknow’s psychics appear to be legit, and with over 80 to choose from, you’re bound to find a spiritual advisor that is the right fit for you. The psychics have in-depth profiles that can help you get to know them, and most list their qualifications, which can help you feel comfortable about their accuracy.

The AskNow psychic rates are pretty standard for the leading spiritual sites on the web. Although they can be pricey, the introductory packages allow future customers to try the site at discounted rates, which can be good for those who want to get an initial reading on a budget.


The best way to find the perfect AskNow psychic is by looking at their ratings and feedback, which are posted on their profile pages. The site’s spiritual advisors are usually ranked from highest to lowest, and their rankings are based on overall availability and customer satisfaction.

No, you can use as many minutes as you desire for a reading in any increment you want. You can also purchase more minutes if you wish to extend a reading.

According to the FAQ, all of the site’s psychics are thoroughly screened, scrutinized, tested, and handpicked by highly experienced Psychic Managers. The managers primarily test the psychics overall clarity and accuracy when giving a reading, as stated in an FAQ video. Only one in eighty-five applicants receives the title of Certified AskNow Psychic.

Each spiritual advisor is ranked based on the level of their psychic gifts and other qualifications. Top Rated advisors are Asknow’s lowest ranking psychics and cost the least amount of money from $5.99 to $9.99 per minute. Even if someone chooses a Top Rated advisor, states that clients will still get highly intuitive and accurate readings.

Elite advisors, on the other hand, are highly skilled experts, ranked higher that Top Rated advisors. Unlike them, Elite advisors may have more diverse specialties including love and relationships, tarot readings, life coaching and numerology, and their rates range from $10.00 to $11.00 per minute.

However, if you want more top of the line experience, you can enlist the help of Master advisors, the highest ranked psychics on According to the site’s FAQ, they are AskNow’s most qualified and powerful advisors, dedicated to using their gifts. Their rates range from $12.00 to $13.00 per minute.

Creating a username allows AskNow to protect your privacy. The site states that psychics will not have access to your real name and personal information to ensure that clients stay anonymous. A username can be anything you choose but it must be at least 6 characters and a maximum of 20 characters.

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Sienna Vance
Sienna Vance

Sienna Vance is a professional tarot reader for psychic sites. During her spiritual awakening, she was lucky enough to study moon magic, spell crafting, tarot, herbology, astrology, and dreamwork under spiritual practitioners in Scotland. Sienna now runs Divine Black Feminine, a tarot business dedicated to uplifting women, notably women of color, to guide them through their spiritual journeys. She specializes in love readings involving tarot, angel, and oracle cards to help clients become their authentic selves, manifest sacred partnerships, and let go of codependent behaviors.


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