The Best Online Fortune Telling Sites

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Written by: Amber Brinnier
April 26, 2022
Best Sites for Fortune Tellers

Online fortune telling is a fun and gratifying way to get a glimpse into the future. Fortune telling has been used for centuries in various ways, in various cultures, as a way to predict future events. Now that some of the stigma of the psychic community is being removed in mainstream culture, fortune telling is having a resurgence.

Unfortunately, because of the nature of fortune telling, and psychic reading in general, it is very easy for scammers to take advantage of people. This is not only detrimental to the people who are taken advantage of, but to the community as a whole, as it puts the legitimacy of the entire field into question.

At we put in the leg work to making sure that the sites we recommend offer psychics, fortune tellers, and other advisors who are legitimate and have proven track records of accuracy.
Every site comes with user reviews attached to each psychic’s profile, so you’ll have an idea of what their clients think of them.

Here are the best sites that we’ve found for online fortune telling, where you can get quick, easy answers to your questions.

Our Top Pick


Kasamba is our top pick for online fortune telling. Let’s look at a few reasons why!

  • Legitimate – Advisors looking to get a space on the Kasamba site are asked to pay a $50 registration fee, as well as demonstrate a proven history of psychic experience along with a full resume. With some other sites, anyone can join, so there isn’t as much of a guarantee of experience or ability. Additionally, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Longevity – Kasamba has been in the business for over 20 years, and is still going strong.
  • 5-star reviews – There are many psychics and fortune tellers on Kasamba with an average of 5-star reviews, which means that all of their clients have had a profound and insightful – and accurate! – experience when speaking with them.

    Since accuracy is arguably the most important quality of the fortune-telling experience, 5-star reviews are a great way to gauge whether or not the site is worth your time. In our view, Kasamba definitely is!

Kasamba Review

Promising Newcomer


Although they’ve only been in operation since 2020, Mysticsense is already making a big splash in the world of online fortune telling.

  • Affordable – Rates on Mysticsense range from .99 – $10 a minute, but the average is $3-$5 a minute, which brings them well under some other online psychic platforms out there, with the same quality of readings.
  • Trustworthy – Readers on Mysticsense are vetted for psychic abilities before they are added to the website. They are also tested for their ethical standards and customer service. Mysticsense is dedicated to providing a legitimate and trustworthy experience to their customers. They even have a section on their website teaching how to protect yourself from psychic scams, and, like Kasamba, they offer 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Diverse – There are a wide variety of topics and reading types to choose from on Mysticsense, so you can find a fortune teller who is ready to answer your very specific question with ease. You can even choose the advisor’s reading style, so that you can receive your reading in the exact tone you need: direct, compassionate, wise, etc.

Mysticsense Review

Established Veteran

Psychic Source

If you’re looking for a psychic brand that’s been around a little longer, Psychic Source is the choice for you.

  • Well-Established – Psychic Source has been offering their services since 1989!
  • Exclusive – Psychic Source doesn’t accept every psychic who applies to be on their site. Applicants are rigorously screened to ensure legitimacy, so there is a smaller pool of psychics and fortune tellers on the website to choose from. Quality over quantity definitely matters when dealing with fortune tellers and psychic platforms.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee – Satisfaction guarantees are important when choosing online fortune tellers. Offering a guarantee shows that the site understands the ephemeral nature of fortune telling and psychic advice; although the advisor’s predictions are not guaranteed, your good experience with your fortune teller always is.

Psychic Source Review

Honorable Mentions


AskNow offers 100% Satisfaction guarantee and has a screening process for fortune tellers and others applying to be spiritual advisors. Each advisor is handpicked by the managers from their One Sun Premier Psychic Network, and according to their FAQ, 1 in 85 are chosen.

However, there are other aspects of AskNow that keep it from being a top pick. Ratings and credentials can vary, and psychics labeled Top Rated don’t always have 5-star reviews, which can be a little confusing. Readings from psychics and fortune tellers at the Elite and Master level can be pretty pricey, although less so than some other platforms’ Master and Elite level psychics.

AskNow Review

Keen Psychics

Keen is one of the most popular psychic platforms on the internet, with a huge network of diverse psychics over all types of categories – including fortune telling, of course – available 24/7, at any price range.

While Keen provides a 100% satisfaction guarantee, they have no vetting process for their psychics. Anyone who completes an approved profile and makes it through the onboarding process is accepted as an advisor on Keen. Managers do offer input on profile language, so there is some level of screening, but not at the level of the top sites listed.

Keen Psychics Review

Purple Garden

Purple Garden is great if you want to ask someone a casual, low stakes fortune telling question just for fun, but there is no guarantee offered by the site for accuracy or experience, and no refunds available, so use at your own risk!

Purple Garden offers many fun features and a diverse range of fortune tellers to choose from, with a dynamic app experience that’s worth trying out.

Purple Garden Review

In Conclusion

These psychic platforms offer the best we’ve found on the internet when it comes to fortune telling. The future is always uncertain, but speaking with diviners and fortune tellers can be a great way to find some relief in unsettling times.

When dealing with matters of fortune telling and prediction specifically, remember that the future is not fixed and you are the ultimate creator of your destiny – use the fortune tellers we’ve recommended to your advantage to carve out the dream future you’ve always wanted.

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Amber Brinnier
Amber Brinnier

A tarot reader, astrologer, and witch. She is a guest on the land of the Cowlitz and Clackamas nations, so-called Portland, OR. Amber was gifted her first tarot deck at the age of 10, and has been studying ever since. She is a graduate of the Portland School of Astrology, the only full-term astrology school in the country. When not reading tarot and astrology, she is a production assistant for an elevated wellness company. She is an indie perfume and scented candle enthusiast, and in her free time enjoys playing ukulele, waterfall hiking and creek-jumping, hanging out with her black cat, Winnie, and napping. She is currently trying to perfect the art of doing absolutely nothing.


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